life drawing - a new Sailor pen

I had a spare Tuesday morning a few weeks ago so popped in to my friend's early morning art class. It was half term so her daughter had a week long holiday from school. She sat as the model.

I'd just purchased a Sailor ink pen and was keen to try it out.
The paper is cheap rolled paper from Ikea - hence the creases in the surface in my efforts to flatten it out.

The drawings are shown in reverse. 
The top one (my 3rd) is more confident. Perhaps I was emboldened by that cup of coffee you can just see on the paper's lower edge :-)

I do tend to like to depict a model's environment and the other participants. A little more of the room is shown in the middle drawing.

The warm-up charcoal drawings were very few minutes or even seconds in the making. I've left these 'bad' drawings in to show the process of loosening up. That said, I quite like the sitting pose.


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