Sunday, 19 April 2015


I opened an old sketchbook today...old as in first few weeks at art school. The only instructions given were:

"some water soluble paints and inks, paper and brushes...go experiment...go play"

It was hard to do - what was the outcome meant to be? I remember feeling bewildered at the aimlessness of it all. Only much later did the exercise make any sense. 

Limited materials, limited time, willingness to have a go, to experiment and make 'mistakes' can produce a lot of fresh ideas, new approaches. also emphasised to me how much the experience, or process, could be more important than the outcome...

I now know that these experiments reveal techniques of granulation, wet on wet, and blooms too. 

Who knew I'd eventually write a book about it!

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

app play

there's something to be said for whiling away the time by playing with those apps on your mobile phone, but, as a result one should conduct a regular phone photo purge (which I'm about to do).

do these messing about moments add up to anything?

yes, I think they do. nothing's precious, no outcome is confirmed, but...ideas are beginning to form...

i) drawing on photographs
ii) digital collage
iii) scale
iv) sequence
v) colour blocking
vi) counterpoint