Thursday, 26 September 2013

3D drawing: Elliot's moorland grass boats

A summer's evening - moorland top, BBQ, magnificient views, setting sun, great company. 

As it got darker, really dark, young Elliot decided to make us these woven boats from the surrounding grass / reeds

: )

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lorna Mollart - artist in residence

Artist Lorna Mollart was the inaugural artist in residence at the newly (partly) renovated Crow Nest in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK. Lorna has been on drawdrawdraw previously. Her creatures are now joined by her evolving, organically growing plaster works which will contribute to the plaster mouldings of the building's ceiling detailing once complete.
The 'informal but edgy' exhibition included work by Rachel Goodyear and Susie McMurray too.

3D works....
Lorna Mollart 

drawings on plaster...
Susie McMurray

pencil works + back lit animation...
Rachel Goodyear

Crow Nest is another exciting art development by Islington Mill’s Maurice Carlin and Bill Campbell 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Studio Voozek: a drawing tour

Studio Voozek is the idea of artist Kasia Breska - also known as pencilboxgirl.

"Pencilboxgirl sets off again! This time with her brave pooch Laika. Direction: Scotland! She has a bike and a dog trailer (voozek) , bags filled with pencil boxes, sketchbooks, coffee and biscuits. Covering many miles, Pencilboxgirl will pedal hard to get through the wildest of the wilds of Scottish glens, lochs and moorlands, drawing the marvels of the rustic land..Follow the blog to join her on this epic project ! Setting off date: 16th of September 2013"

The drawdrawdraw blog is hoping to stay in touch with Kasia as she makes her drawing tour around Scotland. 

The tour is also supported by East Street Arts

Monday, 9 September 2013

MMU: self portraits

Manchester Metropolitan University - Fine Art Degree Show 2013

- a collaged wall of pasted self portrait fragments:

Alfred Cooper 

and part self portraits - tattooed arms:

Sara Toner

MMU: 3D drawing / sculpture

Manchester Metropolitan University Degree Show 2013
Sculpture Department - artists unknown - but probably in degree show catalogue

MMU: colour overlay

Manchester Metropolitan University Degree Show 2013

- images overlaid with fluorescent perspex
Jessica Levi Shandley 

and coloured acetate on window glass....

more here: MMU Degree Show 2013 catalogue

Sunday, 8 September 2013

MMU: display

Manchester Metropolitan University - Fine Art Degree Show 2013

Display ideas: pinned fragments....
Patrick Sean Cunningham 

and images propped on a shelf...
Annie-Rose Malone
- ceramic print and gloss on glass