Thursday, 24 October 2013

BA3 lecture visuals

The final year of the degree - discussion begins with drawing examples, and developments from them, by past students...

Nicola Wood

Sally Wilford

Ann Clare: shortlisted for Jerwood Drawing Prize

Jasia Little

Holly Harkin

Victoria Wickes

Kasia Breska

Bee Lee

Claire Teale

Jane Pawalek

Leela Tikadar

Scott Cameron

Sameena / Yolka Klos

and lecturing staff:
Helen Birch / Manya Donaque: found drawings

Jonathan Barsi

and at other art schools in the region:
Leeds Metropolitan University degree show

Manchester Metropolitan University BA / MA degree show

Paul Noble - drawing based art - shortlisted for Turner Prize 2012

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

BA2 Drawing Lecture

Introducing possible drawing project ideas at the start of the academic year 2013...

Kasia Breska / Val Britton..

Julie Mehretu

Paul Noble / Jorge Gonzalez

Tim Brown / Olivia Jeffries

Rachel Whiteread / Edward Hopper


Eve Duhamel

J. Annie Williams

Land Art by Strijdom van der Merwe / Gwyther Irwin 1931- String Song opus 43 1960

Pablo Valbuena / Emily Watkins

Katie Lewis / dipped book (artist unknown)

Ellsworth Kelly Black Forms 1955 ink, graphite and collage on paper / Louise Bourgeois 2005

John Stezaker / Catherine Ulitsky

Amy Friend / Alison Worman

Folds / Donna Ruff

3D work - source unknown

Van Gogh / Facade drawing of Peter Zumthor’s studio in Haldenstein, 1985

Suzanne Northcott – Nest / Ken Price, Turtle Cup, 1968

Beka Goedde / David Hockney - Evil Man, 1963 crayon on paper

Caroline Gaedechens / Amelie Fontaine

Jorge Gonzalez / William Kentridge

Edgar Degas / Kathe Kollwitz

Georgia O' Keefe / Matisse

Sol LeWitt / Christo Wrapped Snoopy House 2004