Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Kayleigh Wallace: skeleton laser cut

Kayleigh Wallace's surface pattern exhibition: wallpaper fragments, paper bags, rib cage repeats....
skeleton as main motif (and muse)

train ticket / laser cut

Kayleigh Wallace: traced layers

Kayleigh Wallace uses layered tracings to make new surface pattern designs. 
Her motif choice usually takes a 'darker' turn: see another drawdrawdraw entry here  and here too

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

after a life drawing class

I like it when students attend an observational class but decide to develop it in to something else.

Here the life models' situation is enhanced by imagined surroundings:(the same scenario as seen by other students)

Later the same style was applied to exterior situations. Here there is more emphasis on observation:

....enhanced by label information

David Hockney: Secret Knowledge

Is tracing an image 'cheating'? I think not. A traced drawing is merely another way to construct an image.

David Hockney's Secret Knowledge examines the use of both camera obscura and camera lucida technology - tracing mechanisms. His book and the supporting BBC film contextualise the sophisticated use of this often dismissed drawing approach.

It's also worth watching this interview with Hockney (1st of 3)

Modern equivalents of the camera lucida: NeoLucida
and SimmTrace - one I find harder to trace (no pun intended)....