Friday, 8 March 2019

Setting a project

Being super busy and having lots of responsibilities means that its often tough to make time for yourself. Working in the creative industries (or anywhere!), its important to find time somewhere, somehow for making and doing your own looking, reading, art & craft etc.

A conversation with Michelle Ayavoro - of HerArt in Manchester - UK  "How to make the time to do the stuff you really want to do" came up at a training session I attended recently with her.

Herart CIC was set up by Michelle Ayavoro to provide arts and crafts activities, workshops and courses in the Greater Manchester community. The impact of all of the creative ideas, play and possibilities generated through Herart helps reduce isolation, increase skills and improve wellbeing....but left Michelle with little time for the colour, pattern and design work she trained in and wanted to get back to.

We agreed to set each other several small 'do-able' projects.

Here's the first one. 

Note: The project is spaced like this so that as the brief was unfolded it revealed itself a bit at a time ie step by step. 

Tip: small steps can make a task seem less arduous

Here are some of Michelle's postcard collages :-)

Company Name

Dates Employed

Employment Duration


Company Name

Dates Employed

Employment Duration

LocatiHerArt is set up to provide activities in the community that will reduce isolation, increase skillsand improve wellbeing. We provide arts and crafts workshops and accredited cours

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