Jorge Pineda: an exhibition (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno)

The modern art gallery in Valencia (Spain) - Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno has recently exhibited the work of Jorge Pineda (translation), an artist from the Dominican Republic.

The exhibition: After all, tomorrow is another day is presented in various formats, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation. Drawing seemed to pervade, to assert its presence in and among these other formats, to such an extent that I saw it as primarily a drawing based show.

The artist  invited the audience to be part of the artwork. Here a table is laid out with a golden coated chalk skeleton. We are invited to draw on the walls with the bones, thus disturbing them, displacing them, creating something new: life from death?

photo: HB

corrugated cardboard structure

Jorge Pineda's work features in the contemporary Caribbean art blog Uprising news too.

biro drawing

A video of the show (it's better with the sound turned off!)


  1. this is very interesting, I am enjoying his work, thank you for posting!


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