environment / multiple figure

So much of a figure based drawing workshop is about the form fitting on the paper - deciding upon / having a sense of a compositional outcome from the start. 
What if that decision making is taken away because the environment is the initial subject matter? 
Here an 'empty' space was mapped out - the room as constant -  a series of non-shifting verticals & horizontals.
The model (and furniture props) were introduced to the space. He / they had to be 'fitted' against, before, behind whatever position was decided upon. Sometimes a pose imposed upon another, sometimes a pose didn't fit on the paper, sometimes the life model didn't appear at all.

The drawing outcomes suggested a camera language: cropped borders, objects beyond the paper's format, a different compositional play.

It is this compositional play, and illusion of depth within the picture plane, which was used so expertly by Degas:


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