Irina Lubenskaya: portraits

Sketchbook Skool have recently invited me to deliver some online drawing classes for them.

I get to introduce an hour's worth of 'Inspiration' on a drawing oriented topic of my choice. What a joy!

A recent session was: 'Is it OK to copy?'

I revisited some of the ideas in David Hockney's 'Secret Knowledge', utilising imagery by Spanish illustrator and fashion photographer David Gomez Maestre from my first book Freehand as inspiration.

I'm meeting an amazing group of people who are dedicating lots of their time to making, developing and finding out more about art. Some are curious beginners, others are accomplished at drawing - all are curious and incredibly supportive of one anothers' efforts. 

Irina Lubenskaya attended this particular session.

Luckily I have a co-host for the session delivery - she enabled me to see Irina's work in one of the Q&A / show-and-tell slots. 

(I'm still fairly new to Zoom - there's so much to think about on top of delivering the lecture / drawing demos)

I knew Irina's drawing was looking special from the get go.

She shared the finished illustrations with me a few days later, saying:

"Tracing historical portraits was such an unexpected way to look deeply at the familiar."

Catherine The Great (1729 - 1796)
Peter The Great (1672 - 1725)
Rasputin (1869 - 1916)

We've chatted a little since, through Sketchbook Skool.

She knew of my books before the session, and now I know her drawing. 

A treat.

Irina studied industrial design in the Moscow Technological Institute, and is now -

"Working in digital marketing: a bit of design, a bit of code, lots of meetings."

Like many attendees of Sketchbook Skool she says she hasn't 'done much' with her training since graduating from university. (I disagree!)

"SBS is making a difference, just by motivating me to try different things."

Irina on Instagram @ilrina11 


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