Sunday, 1 March 2015


Thursday 27 February - 'Colour' 
- a lecture / discussion:

1. Picasso - blue (cool) 

7 / 8. colour wheels
Johannes Itten

9. Hollis Brown Thornton / Wayne Thiebaud (non-white paper)

10. Van Gogh 1887 / Naoko Izawa III (white as colour)

12. Joan Mitchell - white over colour (oil pastel)
    Irana Douer - white paper as highlight 

13. Degas / Hockney - 'hot' base / advancing colour

14. W.Tucker / Monika Forsberg - complimentary colours
    yellow/purple + green/pink (tint of red)

15. Sarah Boyts Yoder / Rachel Whiteread - colour harmony
    red/violet/blue + yellow/green

16. John Hejduk - yellow as colour influence

17. Pablo Palazuelo / Lea Woodpecker - opaque/transluscent colour

18. Joan SaloSteven Vasquez Lopez - ruled colour

19. forms - flat colour

20. form - 3D observed/modulated colour 
     (handout given out in class)

Monday, 2 February 2015

life drawing: atelier

I made a mistake today in assuming that all first year degree students would've completed some form of life/figure drawing prior to this higher level course. Not so.

It was good to use the drawing studio for that (good)cliché of art school practice - working from the unclothed human form.

The atelier (workshop) approach to life drawing became widely unfashionable in many  art schools during the 1970s in favour of more conceptually based works. 

How it looked then.....
the 19th century atelier

How it looks now - 2015+ 

Pat Belson's pinhole camera shots

It looks the same, but the content has changed.
Line work today, tone and lighting next week - drawing workshops as storyboard ideas for film making - not only as stand alone life drawings.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

new book: Just Add Watercolour

My new book is due out in UK tomorrow - Thursday 29 January 2015

I found a review link on Twitter this morning:

The US version is available March 2015 
US version

Monday, 12 January 2015

Liverpool Biennial - object drawings

Christina Ramberg at the Liverpool Biennial 2014

"Handkerchiefs. Skirts. Hats. Hairdos. Lingerie. Torsos. Hips. Shirts. Pants. Shoes. Shoulders. ... images of bodies and body parts.... from an interest in the cultural identification of images, exploring a combination of pictorial forms."