Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Last month I was invited to put some work in for the 
International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair
at The Tetley, Leeds 

Print multiples can come in many forms. 

This time I decided to make some badges.

These images are selected from a range of old sketchbooks - scanned, printed, made in to badges, paired, bagged.


an exhibition of drawings at The Tetley, Leeds

'(produced)by school children .... in a series of workshops undertaken by artist Paul Digby in local primary schools'.

the children's ages range from 4 to 11 years old

Sunday, 3 May 2015

another pinterest visit

Pinterest - a virtual inspiration/research place to go.
It's no secret - I use it a lot

Sunday morning and another visit.

Separating out these most recently pinned images from my 2D drawings album and new relationships emerge:

- quality of line
- suggested narrative as a group / 2 separate pairings?
- paper tone
- paper format
- paper surface (smooth/tooth)

why might any of this matter? 
Looking at others' work can help us review our own - to refine its process, its direction, or its meaning.

That's why Pinterest is one of my quick inspiration fix, go to places.

Louise Bourgeois
Malin Gabriella Nordin
Noel Sickles
Sophie Alda

Sunday, 19 April 2015


I opened an old sketchbook today...old as in first few weeks at art school. The only instructions given were:

"some water soluble paints and inks, paper and brushes...go experiment...go play"

It was hard to do - what was the outcome meant to be? I remember feeling bewildered at the aimlessness of it all. Only much later did the exercise make any sense. 

Limited materials, limited time, willingness to have a go, to experiment and make 'mistakes' can produce a lot of fresh ideas, new approaches. 

...it also emphasised to me how much the experience, or process, could be more important than the outcome...

I now know that these experiments reveal techniques of granulation, wet on wet, and blooms too. 

Who knew I'd eventually write a book about it!

at Amazon

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

app play

there's something to be said for whiling away the time by playing with those apps on your mobile phone, but, as a result one should conduct a regular phone photo purge (which I'm about to do).

do these messing about moments add up to anything?

yes, I think they do. nothing's precious, no outcome is confirmed, but...ideas are beginning to form...

i) drawing on photographs
ii) digital collage
iii) scale
iv) sequence
v) colour blocking
vi) counterpoint

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Thursday 27 February - 'Colour' 
- a lecture / discussion:

1. Picasso - blue (cool) 

7 / 8. colour wheels
Johannes Itten

9. Hollis Brown Thornton / Wayne Thiebaud (non-white paper)

10. Van Gogh 1887 / Naoko Izawa III (white as colour)

12. Joan Mitchell - white over colour (oil pastel)
    Irana Douer - white paper as highlight 

13. Degas / Hockney - 'hot' base / advancing colour

14. W.Tucker / Monika Forsberg - complimentary colours
    yellow/purple + green/pink (tint of red)

15. Sarah Boyts Yoder / Rachel Whiteread - colour harmony
    red/violet/blue + yellow/green

16. John Hejduk - yellow as colour influence

17. Pablo Palazuelo / Lea Woodpecker - opaque/transluscent colour

18. Joan SaloSteven Vasquez Lopez - ruled colour

19. forms - flat colour

20. form - 3D observed/modulated colour 
     (handout given out in class)