Sunday, 17 March 2019

Moiré pattern

"A moiré pattern is formed when a repeating pattern is overlaid with another one, which may be the same, or different to the first one.
A new pattern, the moiré appears as the sum of the two layers. Moiré patterns are fascinating because their forms are often unexpected and completely different to either of the constituent patterns." source

I've always been fascinated by these found patterns. 
I suspect that the shimmering movement of layers of curtains, creating constantly refreshed moiré patterns, is one of my earliest memories.
photo: Helen Birch
photo: Helen Birch 
photo: Helen Birch

Find my found drawings collection over on Pinterest - mostly others' images

+ a random collection of photos I've taken of my own found drawings 

Gif examples..which encourage me to find my own moving examples of moiré patterns anytime soon.

...prompted by an earlier Instagram post

Friday, 8 March 2019

exquisite corpse drawing game

The exquisite corpse game always works well if you kind yourself in the company of kids...or anyone.

"players write in turn on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal part of the writing, and then pass it to the next player for a further contribution".

Here we played it using this sequence:

1. draw the head


2. draw the body to the waist


3. draw from waist to knees


4. draw lower legs and feet/shoes

Setting a project

Being super busy and having lots of responsibilities means that its often tough to make time for yourself. Working in the creative industries (or anywhere!), its important to find time somewhere, somehow for making and doing your own looking, reading, art & craft etc.

A conversation with Michelle Ayavoro - of HerArt in Manchester - UK  "How to make the time to do the stuff you really want to do" came up at a training session I attended recently with her.

Herart CIC was set up by Michelle Ayavoro to provide arts and crafts activities, workshops and courses in the Greater Manchester community. The impact of all of the creative ideas, play and possibilities generated through Herart helps reduce isolation, increase skills and improve wellbeing....but left Michelle with little time for the colour, pattern and design work she trained in and wanted to get back to.

We agreed to set each other several small 'do-able' projects.

Here's the first one. 

Note: The project is spaced like this so that as the brief was unfolded it revealed itself a bit at a time ie step by step. 

Tip: small steps can make a task seem less arduous

Here are some of Michelle's postcard collages :-)

Company Name

Dates Employed

Employment Duration


Company Name

Dates Employed

Employment Duration

LocatiHerArt is set up to provide activities in the community that will reduce isolation, increase skillsand improve wellbeing. We provide arts and crafts workshops and accredited cours

Emanuele Kabu

Emanuele Kabu is an animator and music video director.

He very kindly allowed me to include his work in my book Freehand

Winterplay - Jazz Foo Foo [OFFICIAL] from Emanuele Kabu on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Aleksandra Mir: Liverpool Tate 2017

A Happy New Year - 2019. 

Happy to find picture files considered lost.
A drawing exhibition at Liverpool Tate 2017 

"a room-size immersive graphic novel that tells a story about contemporary Space"

"I collaborated with a temporary community of 25 young artists who came together in the studio to lend their hands, energies and opinions. This required a great deal of pre-planning and logistics, but there is always a point in each such workshop when the group has gelled.."

and a 'found drawing' from Liverpool Tate's stairwell:

My book 'Just Add Watercolour' available in Liverpool Tate's bookshop

Thursday, 31 May 2018

found bench drawings

Out walking the other day I came across this wooden bench in a secluded part of a local park.
It's only when I decided to have a quick sit down that I saw these black marker pen drawings on the table top. The bird poop suggests the drawings have been there a while.
Thought the tag was mysterious: 'GN MOOW' 
...then figured it out as I moved around the table - "MeOWING' :-)

Friday, 6 April 2018

night drawings

Night photography + a new box of charcoal may well inspire some black on black drawings very soon.