busy drawings

I delivered a sketchbook skool art session a while back - on 'busy drawings'.

How do you get lots of ideas in to your composition quickly? - in this case an urban scene.

Make a list of objects for your chosen scene - I suggest 50 - cut them up - place them in a hat - choose them randomly - draw whatever comes out of the hat until they're all used up.

See the list I used below

Try to make your drawing make pictoral sense. Play with scale and placement.

Complete your drawing in 20-30 minutes.
Felt tips / marker pens work well for this exercise.
Ps Kids love this drawing game.

House / building Telephone pole/wires Park bench Pond Mountain / hill Giraffe Clouds Peacock Sun Open window Bicycle Road Clocktower Birds Statue Graffiti Stairs Flowers - tulips Trumpet Grass / lawn Flag Wheeled vehicle A person Umbrella Dog Busy composition Monkey Child River Trees / greenery Boat Cafe chairs Street performer Lamp post / street lighting People Car Shop signage Aeroplane towing a message Top hat A distant view Bridge Bus Many windowed building Fence Rubbish / garbage Traffic signage Crane / building work or machinery Hot air balloon Zebra crossing / street crossing


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