Saturday, 13 December 2014

found drawings: Liverpool Biennial 2014

This year's Liverpool Biennial - 5 July - 26 October, 2014 

One of the venues - The Old Blind School featured the work of 17 artists from countries around the world.

The temporary exhibition space was at least as good as the work exhibited in it. 

Looking above, between, below.....

Friday, 7 November 2014

sound workshop

I'd been thinking of updating on previous sound workshops:

4. plus music + words

so, put a new sound collage together for this week's drawing session

tracks 1 - 19: warm-up/mark making
tracks 20 - 28: musical marks
tracks 29 - 31: sound collage/soundtrack/narrative
tracks 32 - 33: music/sounds hybrid

Tracks 1 - 29 sourced from:
tracks 30 - 31: Ann Clare 
tracks 32 - 33: music / art -

some of the outcomes.....

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Kay Wallace

"Exploring the boundaries of good and bad taste through the use of print, embroidery and design. Taking inspiration from everyday materials that are often cheaply made and considered kitsch."

Kay Wallace's blog and Etsy shop 

Liam Howard

a space filled with drawn, printed, collaged pattern and wildlife imagery - 2D and 3D...

Liam Howard's magpies in-situ