'sketchbook skool' - an online drawing school

 Back in January 2021 - in the depths of a UK and world lockdown, I was invited to participate in an online chat with Danny Gregory - one of the movers and groovers of the Sketchbook Skool - an online resource to get everyone drawing.

My first book Freehand had been chosen as a 'topic' there.

Each week on a Friday morning a random page is chosen and participants of the group interpret the image in their own fashion.

There are 100+ images in the book, so a lot of drawing ideas to try out.

Note: the group is a closed one so I'll be asking permission to feature some of the work here at a future date. 

You're very welcome to join Sketchbook Skool and the 'Explore This Book: Freehand' group if you wish. This will give you access to everything :-)

Initially I was going to draw live for the hour long zoom interview with Danny, but in the end, we just had a really good chat.

I ended up doing a really quick envelope doodle right after the interview so all the lovely folk who joined the zoom call could see what was on my desk as we chatted.

This zoom drawing was kindly sent over to me after the event....

"Whether you’re a beginner or tuning up your skills, stop searching for drawing prompts and start filling your sketchbook. Creative inspiration is all around you!"

source: https://sketchbookskool.com/free-drawing-prompts/


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