Super-sized botanical watercolour painting

My new botanical drawing, painting, illustration, art book now available in 4 languages⠀
Spanish edition: 'Ilustración botánica': @editorial_gg 🇪🇸
Italian version 'Arte Botanica': 🇮🇹⠀
@logosedizioni ⠀
'La Flore' - French version: @pyramyd_editions 🇫🇷 ⠀
Portuguese: Ilustração botânica:

2 of New Zealand artist Denise Ramsay's dramatic large scale works feature in the new book. 
Her 'Fireworks' and 'Flight of Passion' paintings both measure 46"x48" = 116cm x 123cm⠀

Some of her painting process is revealed below.

Denise Ramsay Instagram

You can see more of Denise's detailed, labour intensive botanical watercolour paintings here:

'Flight of Passion' features on the front covers of the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the new book.


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