Monday, 6 March 2017

Drawn from Life: social media

My new book 'Drawn from Life' is due out later this month - March 23rd to be exact.

As is usual before a soon-to-be publication date there's a flurry of social media activity and profile updating to do.

Last week I was busy on Flickr and Instagram. The feedback on Instagram was great - not only for my new book but for my previous publications Just Add Watercolour and Freehand too.

My Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn headers needed renewing next. 
A convenient discovery - a strip of 3 book covers is much easier to configure into a header space than 2 :-)

Drawn from Life is available in several languages

UK / US English
Spanish / Dutch
German / French
and Portuguese

update: just completed a Q&A with my French publisher - Pyramyd


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