Cathy Cullis - a favourite artist

This time of year always finds me in a reflective frame of mind as I think of lost ones. Banks of yellow outside...

and vases of Spring flowers inside are perfect reminders of happy times and new beginnings.

I've long been a fan of Cathy Cullis' work so was delighted when she recently posted a painting of abstract daffodils on her flickr feed.

I treated myself to her abstract daffodil painting :-) whilst matching it with a donation to my favourite charity - Marie Curie Nurses

photo: Cathy Cullis
Cathy Cullis - daffodils abstract study - gouache

donate to Marie Curie here

Cathy's new paintings and drawings are regularly updated to her shop

Check out her blog and Facebook page too

recent work ...
monoprint drawings
morning drawings
jug with brushes
seedlings - oil pastel


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