Steve Wilkin: newspaper drawings

Steve Wilkin is an old colleague of mine.

His work is featured in my Freehand book.

Travelling to his job via train, as an illustration lecturer - a journey demanding quite a commute, he decided to keep a daily sketchbook. Snoozing, lolling, dreaming early morning commuters are captured...

Having made 10 years of these journey drawings he decided to publish, and distribute a newspaper containing some of them...

'seventhirtyeight' is a newspaper that records Steve's sketchbook drawings. "I have been drawing whilst on my daily commute for ten years and decided to hold a travelling exhibition of my commuter drawings. I will distribute the paper to travellers and to people on campus at UCLAN where I teach illustration"


  1. His work is amazing, I love the dedication and commitment to this project.

    1. It is consistently fabulous. Such a clever document of people and time


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