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My book Freehand came out in early September. There seemed to be a flurry of activity in terms of magazine, newspaper and blog interviews (I'll say more about these in a later blog)...then all went quiet.
I think the real buzz for me, was proof that its publication was 'real' - spotting my book on sale in a favourite shop - Magma, Manchester. There it really  was - more than a link on Amazon
I couldn't resist whipping my phone out and grabbing a picture of it nestled against other books I admire. A happy moment.

Manchester Magma bookshop 

A few days later I started to get lovely messages on Facebook, mentions on Twitter, and emailed photos (thank you Harriet x)...this one at a London branch of Magma
& in a London Magma bookshop 


  1. I just received your fantastic book for Christmas. I had seen it at the bookstore in Mendocino, Ca and again at an art supply store in Berkeley , Ca and had been coveting it. It is even better than I imagined, every bite of story is delicious.

    1. I'm so pleased you like it. I can't tell you how amazing it is to know you reading it on 'the other side of the pond'.
      I have to admit to liking the cover of the US edition more than the UK one.
      I'm busy working on a watercolo(u)r book now. I hope it's as tasty ;-)

  2. I treated myself to a copy for Christmas and spent the entire evening last night with my nose buried deep. Here's what I love about your book: You talk a little about the process the artist uses, so a novice can understand the magic and be even further inspired to begin, instead of wistfully pressing her nose against the glass forever locked outside the mystery.

    1. Freehand as a treat ? that's lovely to hear. Have you tried some of the techniques yourself?
      Thank you so much for commenting so positively here.
      I'm busy working on the next book. I'll supply a key for that one too :-)


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