drawing fruit and veg

I got my drawing fix last Autumn/Fall by going to my friend Amanda Beck McKim's open to all art session. 
Unlike her I hadn't been doing much drawing during lockdown. 
This drawing space, working alongside others, seemed like a great idea.

For a small fee, use of an array of art materials - and seasonal fruit and veg - was available to us all. A favourite propelling 2B pencil is all I took with me.

These are the initial sketches in pencil. 
In hindsight I wish I taken a bit more care with my selection and storage of the paper - the hastily torn edge and folds probably not conducive to a warm up exercise I now quite like.

I enjoyed using coloured pencil but wanted something a bit more robust and chunky - to make myself get colour down more quickly (the session was only 2 hours long).

The squash in particular were beautifully coloured and patterned, but I wanted more to play with.

A rummage through the collage materials box provided the images - a lucky find - this 'Squash Blossom' oil painting by US artist Georgia O'Keefe (from an old calendar).

Placing the squash and pomegranate on a colourful background did the trick.

I used oil pastel on A3 cartridge. Masking tape ensured a crisp edge. 

I'll be including drawings from other art sessions soon. Thanks Amanda.



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