Moiré pattern

"A moiré pattern is formed when a repeating pattern is overlaid with another one, which may be the same, or different to the first one.
A new pattern, the moiré appears as the sum of the two layers. Moiré patterns are fascinating because their forms are often unexpected and completely different to either of the constituent patterns." source

I've always been fascinated by these found patterns. 
I suspect that the shimmering movement of layers of curtains, creating constantly refreshed moiré patterns, is one of my earliest memories.
photo: Helen Birch
photo: Helen Birch 
photo: Helen Birch

Find my found drawings collection over on Pinterest - mostly others' images

+ a random collection of photos I've taken of my own found drawings 

Gif examples..which encourage me to find my own moving examples of moiré patterns anytime soon.

...prompted by an earlier Instagram post


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