Curator Space - a chance to show some work

Are any of you using Curator Space? 

"....a project management toolkit for curators, organisers, galleries, and artists. It is designed to take the hassle out of managing exhibitions, competitions, fairs, and a whole lot more."

At the moment I'm enjoying browsing it for opportunities to show work and participate with others. Some of the shout-outs are big asks, others are entirely manageable.

Here's an example of one I spotted last year:

"collective project/exhibition
submit an 8x8cm square using only black, white, navy and/or grey. draw, make, cut out... whatever you like, as long as it fits within the square. any media of your choice."
These are the 3 images selected by curator Chloe Beecham for the forthcoming exhibition 'Out of the Box' - from my 'found drawing' series 
Helen Birch 'light drawing 1'
Helen Birch 'light drawing 2' 
Helen Birch 'light drawing 3'

What's great about the curators' requests for exhibition pieces, is that they often tap in to work you already have. 
Work gets a chance for another airing...or maybe lacked a context and wasn't given a chance to shine until now (pun intended!)

I curate my own collection of 'found' drawings over on Pinterest


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