well hung!

A long overdue, first of several thoughts and reflections as prompted by my regular annual visit to the Manchester School of Art / Manchester Metropolitan University degree show. OK , so the last one was Summer 2016, and now it's February 2017. That's how things go sometimes. I have a slough of photos awaiting attention.
Not rushing things often leads to a joining of the dots in my head.

I really enjoyed the work of Kate Aspin - as much for the way it was hung as for its content. 
Kate Aspin - MMU Degree Show 2016
I've always been intrigued by a range of ideas for exhibiting artwork - in, and out of gallery spaces. See my exhibition / display / installation Pinterest board for more examples.

I used to hang work using a particular eye-line height, a hanging line, and often used a formulaic (invisible) grid of verticals and horizontals.

Seeing Kate's work reminded me how that all changed when I saw Wolfgang Tillman's exhibition layouts for the first time. 
There are multiple hanging lines and no consistent eye level. He still uses grid patterns to match up the edges of things, to create a flow between his prints, but importantly he makes use of the diagonal shift between things. Something I used to scoffingly call the flying duck method of hanging.

Lesson learned - using the diagonal... disrupting a rigid set of ideas makes for a more dynamic looking show.

View From Above ©Wolfang Tillmans
©Wolfang Tillmans

See him discussing the exhibition here...


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