a bunch of art books....

...mine included :-)

I'm honoured to've had my book Freehand critiqued in such salubrious company by Sama Nainen Suomeksi / @saranna00

She says:

"Books I've had a lot of experiences with...

...Freehand - sketching tips and tricks drawn from art. Artists' sketchbooks. A bit like Taschen publishes "Art Now" and "Illustration Now". This is not quite so much of a catalogue. This is more like how people draw and gives you ideas of you can use your sketchbooks.
If you're in to visual arts it's always a good idea to see what other people are doing. This is one of those books."

and the others....

Joseph Albers - The Interaction of Colour

Tate Artist Timeline - Sara Fanelli

101 Things to Learn in Art School - Kit White

500 Self Portraits - Julian Bell

The History of Western Art - Peter Whitfield

The Story of Art - EH Gombrich

Damn Good Advice for People With Talent - George Lois

The Figure in Action: Anatomy for Artists - Louise Gordon


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