drawdrawdraw as guest blogger

Delphine Amato recently contacted me through Twitter to choose 10 drawn portraits for her blog And Freedom For

Hi Helen! I have a NY-based art blog called AndFreedomFor. I follow you on Pinterest and love what you do, so you came to mind for a...possible guest post. Would you be interested in doing a guest photoset of 10 drawn portraits for me?

It was a treat to have a specific remit to work to.

The hardest task? whittling things down to 10 images

"It’s so hard to choose only 10 drawings
Here’s a snapshot of my choice for today.
I have no doubt I could choose another 10 tomorrow…..and the day after etc etc"

Agata Marszałek
David de las Heras
David Fullarton
Ed Fairburn
Elizabeth Peyton
Frank Auerbach
Lucian Freud
Masha Makarenkova
William Kippenberger

See Delphine's smart looking layout at her 
tumblr blog


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