Freehand and Just Add Watercolour - Helen Birch

UPDATED 10 Feb 2017

Here are some different language video reviews of my drawing book 'Freehand'....

and of my painting book - Just add Watercolour

at 1.26 through to 2.36

and both at once...


  1. ah! how lovely to preview it!! can't wait to have my own copy and read it all... page 136, I have that bird on my coffee table on a little notebook, love it!

  2. Hi Helen, that is looking great - would love to hear more details on when it is being published etc. Thanks Paula Mills

  3. It looks soooooo nice. Well done. Nice to talk to you this afternoon. x

  4. thanks Hannah - I've been busy re-pinning your stuff
    good to see you too x

  5. saw the German version in a craft shop yesterday. i did not want to buy books, but i immediately fell in love with this one. now that I found out you are the author I know that it will be a good investment !


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