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Blind Pan
Outside Gallery 4, ... a set of drawings from 2004 titled 'Blind Pan (five monochrome landscapes)' are displayed. A found black and white photograph of an unidentified landscape is the backdrop for directions that map out a journey. Written by hand by the artist, as if chalk on a blackboard, the filmic instructions narrate the journey of Oedipus and Antigone through the wilderness in a storyboard for an unmade film. (source)
 'Blind Pan (details) 2004

Leeds Art Gallery

Northern Art Prize (The winner will be announced at Leeds Art Gallery on 19 January 2012)
education / schools area
folded paper pieces based on the football shirt works of Leo Fitzmaurice

interactive chalkboard wall based on his continuous horizon line work

Sculpture Study Galleries

3D drawing

Shelagh Cluett

Drawing in Space 
Institute Exhibition
1st December 2011 - 11th March 2012

Shelagh Cluett's early sculptures operate as dynamic three-dimensional drawings, ranging from ambitious, room-scale installations, constructed from linear and planar elements to elegant, vertical structures crafted from wire, thin steel, aluminium and brass and copper rods.
Drawing in Space brings together sculptures, drawings, sketchbooks and photographic documentation of Cluett's work from the late 1960s to the early 1980s (source)

Shelagh standing next to 'Flux IV' (1979)


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