Breakfast invite - Yu-Chen Wang - Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester

Artist Yu-Chen Wang has been developing work over 3 months during her residency at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester. Working across the mediums of video, drawing and installation Yu-Chen has been looking into Manchester's industrial past; the history, architecture, machinery, and stories, also responding directly to her residency space. 

As part of that residency she played host to 3 breakfast sessions. I was kindly invited to one of them. We sat, ate, and talked about our various art practices; all the while surrounded by Yu-Chen's intricate drawings:

photo: c/o Chinese Arts Centre

Yu-Chen Wang will be showcasing the work she has been developing throughout her 3 months at the Chinese Arts Centre between 11-14 May, with a special evening on 12 May 5.30-7.30pm.
See the artist's residency blog here 


  1. hola helen, very interesting style she has, like all the art you showcase here, hey!! so does that mean that one of the little heads on the 1st picture is yours? ;) please point which one, would love to see a picture of you :) salutes from San Diego!


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