Len Lye: experimental film

post updated 2 October, 2017

"Len Lye was one of the few filmmakers working in inter-war Britain to have established an international reputation in experimental filmmaking. Though his British oeuvre was by no means limited to the making of abstract films, this was the area that most interested Lye... (he) earned his reputation through a sustained and idiosyncratic body of films that were often brilliantly inventive and technically accomplished." source

a sample of experimental film maker Len Lye's work:

"(In) Free Radicals he used black film stock and scratched designs into the emulsion. The result was a dancing pattern of flashing lines and marks, as dramatic as lightning in the night sky." source

An exhibition of Len Lye's work: The Body Electric was shown at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham in 2011


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