my drawing prize(s) from illustrator: Sandra Dieckmann

The Summer vacation means more time to surf the internet. That time is put to good use searching out more drawing stuff (of course), but entering competitions too? now, that's a treat.....the 'giveaway' at Sandra's blog was one such treat: 

'To celebrate having moved house, having over 400 fans on twitter, having completed building my new website:  and because I haven't done one before and I really want to treat you I'm having a Giveaway celebration here on my blog until the end of the month!

I have been thinking about what you would like and rather than giving away an image that is already known I think you should leave a comment and tell me what you would like me to draw for you! A title, an idea, an animal, you maybe ?!? Your own custom drawing! Unless you really want something you know already of course. The image will be posted to the winner in a nice frame as well!

Additionally I would like to find you a little gift in a charity shop. I'm always in there and love finding special little treasures. Tell me what you love or what you are into. Tell me anything!

The winner will be chosen randomly and there will be a bit for the runner up as well ;D

Now leave your comments and good luck! I'm excited to hear from you!'

This is what I suggested:

Think I have a bird thing going on right now - see previous post

I won! ...

'One of my parcels contained all the goodies that are going to the winner of my giveaway Helen Birch.
It's a lovely bird related selection with my original 'Crowned Crane' illustration , prints and the fantastic bird cafe looking forward to reaching their new home.

Today I send parcels and artwork to Yorkshire, San Fransisco, Seattle, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Surrey! Dear Dear! How exciting! Did you see my shop is now fully open' Sandra Dieckmann's Etsy shop

Here's the 'Bird Cafe' part of my prize. Where to place it?

One of the many important decisions of a summer vacation :-)


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