Stefanie Posavec: highlighted text

'Stefanie Posavec works as a book sleeve designer for Penguin Books...
The final year of her masters saw her take on the serially ambitious project of extracting complexities within prose literature and attempting to create visual representations and linkages that demonstrate how a book has been written, using painstakingly hand-marked text as data.
The project Writing Without Words sought to communicate the complexity found in literature, she explains, and has the potential to help any viewer see the text afresh. ‘I become excited by visual themes, words, or the author’s writing style, which helps me select the most interesting data from the text.’
....(the) rhythm (of) Jack Kerouac’s On the Road ... made sense as the subject for the project... the scale of the project is perhaps defined by the method: ‘If I have time, I analyse the text by hand, using coloured markers and pens, according to syllables, parts of speech, words per sentence, or themes in the text.’
Extract quoted from Eye Magazine 


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